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Board of trustees

Those who retain responsibility and accountability for the scheme.

An essential part of any successful initiative is a strong management team, of which a competent and committed Board of Trustees is a key component.

The Momentum Medical Scheme Trustees are elected at the Annual General Meetings held each year. The Board of Trustees includes several individuals with substantial experience and skills in a variety of fields including medical, accounting and legal. Board members are fairly remunerated in line with their skills and experience, in terms of the Scheme’s Remuneration Policy for Trustees and Committee Members. The Board retains overall responsibility and accountability for the Scheme and has to adhere to a strict code of conduct. The Principal Officer has been delegated the day-to-day management of the Scheme and the Board is kept apprised through regular reporting on the operations of the Scheme. In addition, Trustees attend Management Committee meetings in rotation, and have access to the minutes thereof. Any decisions outside of delegated powers are referred to the Board for consideration and approval. In terms of the Scheme Rules, the Board shall consist of a minimum of six and a maximum of twelve Trustees to oversee the affairs of the Scheme. Not more than eight Trustees shall be nominated and elected by the Members of the Scheme and these nominated and elected Trustees are entitled to appoint up to four additional Trustees annually where additional skills are required to ensure optimal oversight in the best interest of Members. Such appointment must be made in line with the Scheme’s Policy and Procedures for the Appointment of Trustees. As at 31 December 2018, the Board comprised of seven Trustees, all of whom were elected.


Andre Robberts

Principal Officer

Toni van den Bergh


Egbert Klapwijk


T Mahuma


G Steyn


PL Naidoo


T Jobson


CF Swanepoel